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Make Your Own Fortune Cookies!

          In a world where the fortunes are crumbling faster than the cookies, sometimes you’ve got to do the work yourself: write your own fortune cookies! 

          If you’re hosting a friendly dinner, a business meeting, a party, anything – this can be an excellent custom touch. Think about customizing the fortunes for the intended readers – in any situation where you’re serving these things, you probably know something about the readers. Play on common experiences in a group of friends: if there’s an upcoming bachelor/ette party, write fortunes hinting at strippers, drinking, gambling, nights on the town. At a business meeting, riff on topical happenings around the office – and of course, these are great if you’re trying to brown-nose a little. (The rest of your coworkers might hate you, though!) Bottom line: the more the fortune is customized for the reader, the more they’ll enjoy it.

          Now, on to the logistics. There are a three ways you could go about making your own fortunes – swapping standard fortunes for your fortunes in existing cookies, ordering custom cookies to be made, or baking the darn things yourself...

  Buy Custom Cookies
 Bake Your Own