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About The Fortune Cookie Quandary

         Fortune cookies. They’re supposed to be fun – they’ll tell you something that’s going to happen to you, for you, or with you. They can make you wonder, wish, or worry. They’re a slice of your future life, contained in a lemon-flavored crunchy treat – and they’re always funnier with the words “in bed” after them. 

          The problem: Fortune cookies aren’t like that anymore! Somewhere along the way, whoever pens these one-sentence prophecies have lost their way. Instead of fortunes, we usually get one of the following:

  • Observations - Telling me that “my virtues are my priceless treasures” doesn’t really tell my future, does it?

  • Advice - "Get your colon checked immediately."  

  • Trite Sayings - “A penny saved is a penny earned” – thanks a lot, Ben friggin Franklin.

  • Bad Puns - Groaners like “Fu Ling Yu say: man who shoot off mouth lose much face."  

  • Pointless Ramblings - “Ignorance has no light, but error follows a false one”... huh

          Fortunes have a purpose. They tell you that something is going to happen in your future – vague enough to make you wonder, but specific enough to pique your interest. That’s what this site is about – join the fight to bring back the true fortune cookie! Here you can learn how to identify and diagnose bad fortunes, read or write speculations on the reason for the decline of fortune quality, gain appreciation for the few truly great fortunes out there, and most importantly, and most importantly, JOIN THE FIGHT to bring good fortunes to the post-Chinese-meal public!

          Enjoy the site; read, participate, and be fortunate!